12:37 am

it’s time to let go

its time to move on


i will keep everything in my mind

 we are just strangers right now 

if thats what you want

i will be

i promise

i will become 

i will.


Need to be skinner .

Need to be skinner .

it never stops
I wish you would talk to me
But It won’t happen

don’t wanna be seen so

don’t wanna be seen so


miss is the worst feeling in the world 

it will eat you alive

why do we miss people even when they are sill with you

miss is the most complicated feeling in the world

this is the feeling that never can be fixed

most of the time 

we miss someone who’s gone in our life

we miss things that’s already ended

but what’s the cure

no there’s no cure

you feel disappoint and desperate 

there’s no hope

miss is the worst part in life

 and we all end up in here

people come and go

but who would still be here in the end

i guess you just figured it out.

story before bed

my mother told me to go to sleep earlier
but i just want to tell my mother that,
i want to die

the air i’m breathing it’s contaminated
my lungs are full of ashes
i heard people talking inside my head
my eyes see they saw the ghosts
they are wailing

i wonder how god thinks of it
death is calling me
their hands are all over the floor
keep scratching it till their hands are bleeding
my room turned crimson
they took my heart out
but they throw it right away
guess what
even the devil doesnt want my heart
because my heart is rotten

i’m laughing

who would ever want it
i’m a mistake
i’m a horrible creation
i don’t belong anywhere

i’m whispering
i closed my eyes
the birds are awake
i’m about to sleep
good night
please forgive me


It has been to a lot of different places
it is not afraid of leaving
it is fearless
when it arrived at it’s destination
it let things go
it never look back
it doesn’t miss them, it doesn’t
I’m learning to be an airplane
learning to say goodbye
learning to leave
I’m learning
I’m becoming.